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Dial Force Gauge

Product Code : EL-TTG-13352

Dial Force Gauge Functions:

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Double Beam Digimatic Height Gauge

Product Code : EL-TTG-13353

Double Beam Digimatic Height Gauge

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Heavy Duty Digimatic Height Gauge

Product Code : EL-TTG-13354

Heavy Duty Digimatic Height Guage Application: To measure height and depth of the work piece Technical Details:

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Mechanical Height Gauge

Product Code : EL-TTG-13355

Mechanical Height Gauge Application: To measure height and depth of the work piece

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Digital Welding Gauge

Product Code : EL-TTG-13356

Digital Welding Gauge Features: MM: inch/ metric conversion ON/OFF: power on and power off ZERO: zero setting

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Automatic Weld Gauge

Product Code : EL-TTG-13357

Automatic Weld Gauge Product Description: This rugged Automatic Weld Gauge fabricated in stainless steel, will measure the important dimensions of weld preparations & of completed butt and fillet welds.

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High-Low Welding Gauge

Product Code : EL-TTG-13358

High-Low Welding Gauge Feature: Measures internal alignment of pipe after fit-up/alignment, cuts radiographic rejects

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Cam Gauge

Product Code : EL-TTG-13359

Cam Gauge This rugged Bridge Cam Gauge is fabricated in stainless steel used to measure the important Dimensions of weld preparations & of completed Butt and fillet welds

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Leaf Type Welding Gauge

Product Code : EL-TTG-13360

Leaf Type Welding Gauge This rugged Leaf Type Welding Gauge is fabricated in

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Welding Gauge

Product Code : EL-TTG-13361

Welding Gauge We are counted amongst the top companies involved in offering a wide range of Welding Gauges.

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100 Pieces Tool Kit

Product Code : EL-TTG-13362

100 Pieces Tool Kit We are manufacturing normal 100 Pieces Tool Kit.

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Carbide Rotary Cutters

Product Code : EL-TTG-13363

Carbide Rotary Cutters We provide an extensive range of Carbide Rotary Cutters to our clients as per their requirement.

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Carbide Tools

Product Code : EL-TTG-13364

Carbide Tools Our organization provides a variegated range of Carbide Tools.

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Electroplated Diamond Wheels

Product Code : EL-TTG-13365

Electroplated Diamond Wheels

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Poly Crystalline Diamond Tools

Product Code : EL-TTG-13366

Poly Crystalline Diamond Tools PCD Cutting tools comes with six grades for machining, reaming, drilling, grooving, Chamfering and other

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