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As we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of laboratory equipments, we have also extended our range to Civil Engineering Lab Models . All our equipments are made under strict quality controlled manufacturing unit. The components used in every Engineering Gear Models are of highest quality to ensure a better performance and longer life span of the product.Civil Engineering Lab Models Manufacturers, Civil Engineering Lab Models Suppliers, Civil Engineering Lab Exporters in India, Civil Engineering Lab Models Manufacturers in India .

Compression Testing Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12151

Compression Testing Machine (2000KN) Single Dial Electric operated

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Abrasion Testing Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12152

Abrasion Testing Machine We deal in comprehensive range of Abrasion testing

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Flexure Testing Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12153

Flexure Testing Machine (1000KN) Electrical operated

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Direct Shear Testing Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12154

Direct Shear Testing Machine Our years of experience have allowed us to provide quality

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CBR Testing Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12155

CBR Testing Machine CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Testing machine helps in

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Marshal stability test apparatus

Product Code : EL-CEL-12156

Marshal stability test apparatus

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Core Cutting Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12157

Core Cutting Machine We carry a wide range of various engineering lab

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Vicat Apparatus

Product Code : EL-CEL-12158

Vicat Apparatus Vicat apparatus is one of the apparatuses widely used in engineering labs.

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Ductility Apparatus

Product Code : EL-CEL-12159

Ductility Apparatus Ductility Apparatus is a testing instrument used to test

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Length Comparator Apparatus

Product Code : EL-CEL-12160

Length Comparator Apparatus Length comparator Apparatus one of the most widely used civil engineering equipment and is quality test to perform the experiments in an accurate manner.

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Digital Tensile Testing Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12161

Digital Tensile Testing Machine 1. Digital Tensile Testing machine evaluates the tensile strength of various materials.

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Los Angeles Abration Testing Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12162

Los Angeles Abration Testing Machine Used for testing crushed rock, crushed slag, crushed and

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Tile Abrasion Testing Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12163

Tile Abrasion Testing Machine

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Vibrating Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12164

Vibrating Machine It is based on the constant rate of traverse (crt) principle.

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Bone And Meat Cutting Machine

Product Code : EL-CEL-12165

Bone And Meat Cutting Machine We are offering our clients, a wide range of Bone And Mea

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