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School Lab Equipment India, Biological sciences is the study of life and living organisms, their life cycles, adaptations and environment. Those who choose to study the biological sciences can expect to expand their knowledge of cell theory, evolution, genetics, energy and homeostasis. Biological Sciences Manufacturers, Biological Sciences Exporters, Biological Sciences Exporters, Educational Biological Sciences, Biological Sciences Manufacturers in India.

Microscope Digital 1.3 MP

Product Code : EL-BS-10281

Ideal for students in a classroom so everyone can get a perfect view; or for use by curious scientists at home, insect buffs or collectors.

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4D Vision Tarantula Spider Anatomy Model

Product Code : EL-BS-10282

Explore the insides and outsides of a tarantula spider with this collector's quality anatomy model.

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4D Human Eyeball Anatomy Model

Product Code : EL-BS-10283

This quality Eyeball Anatomy Model gives you X Ray vision! You'll see exactly what makes-up the miraculous eyeball and learn how each part functions

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4D Human Deluxe Torso Anatomy Model

Product Code : EL-BS-10284

Our body is a very complex system, with billions of microscopic parts, each with its own identity, working together in an organized manner for the benefit of the total being.

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Magnetic Human Body

Product Code : EL-BS-10285

Twice the life-science learning--skeletal system on one side and major organs and muscle groups on the other.

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Pumping Heart & Lung Model

Product Code : EL-BS-10286

Easy-to-use, multi-sensory model uses a simple hand pump to demonstrate basic heart and pulmonary blood flow. Measures approximately 30cm x 28cm x 13cm

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Magnifier Jumbo 4.5 x

Product Code : EL-BS-10287

You can now observe the world on a grand scale with extra-large magnifiers, sized perfectly for small hands. These magnifiers are real science essential that support life science explorations as you observe plants, animals and insects.

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Skull Mode Plastic Life Size

Product Code : EL-BS-10288

The life-sized model features a spring mounted mandible, a detachable skull, and three removable teeth.

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Microslide Viewer Set Of 10

Product Code : EL-BS-10291

This set of 10 Microslide Viewers is ideal for classroom settings. The viewer brings 5X magnification allowing every image to be seen exactly as if observed through a microscope under ideal conditions.

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Set of 4 Plant Charts

Product Code : EL-BS-10292

Set of 4 charts: Flowers, Leaves, Roots & Stems. Laminated for durability.

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Giant inflatable Ocean Life, set of 5

Product Code : EL-BS-10293

This set of 5 ocean life in big bright colors comprises the crab, dolphin, octopus, shark and dolphin.

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Set of 6 Human Anatomy Charts

Product Code : EL-BS-10294

Set of 6 charts: Brain, Ear, Our Skin, Eye, Our Lungs & The Heart. Chart size: 695 x 492mm.

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Life Cycles Kit

Product Code : EL-BS-10295

Get students intrigued by metamorphosis with this life cycles kit.

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Prepared Microscope Slides Junior School Set Of 15

Product Code : EL-BS-10297

Mixed prepared slides set. Packed in a 15’s plastic box. Pine Leaf. C. s . Corn Root Tip. L.s . Salt Crystals. W. m.

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Skeleton With Muscles And Ligaments

Product Code : EL-BS-10298

This highly detailed life size human skeleton model is perfect for in depth study of the human skeleton and its coordination with muscles and ligaments.

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