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As we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of laboratory equipments, we have also extended our range to Engineering Equipments. All our equipments are made under strict quality controlled manufacturing unit. The components used in each engineering equipment are of highest quality to ensure a better performance and longer life span of the products.Engineering Equipments Manufacturers, Engineering Equipments Suppliers, Engineering Equipments Exporters in India, Engineering Equipments Manufacturers in India .

FIAT Turbo Diesel RWD Chassis

Product Code : EL-EE-12175

FIAT Turbo Diesel RWD Chassis Main Technical Specifications: 4 stroke engine 4 in-line

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Digital Measurement of Angular Velocity

Product Code : EL-EE-12176

Digital Measurement of Angular Velocity Using Magnetic Pick Up This kit demonstrates measurement of speed using photo electric pickup transducer and is a versatile stand alone

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Automatic Hydraulic Surface Grinder

Product Code : EL-EE-12177

Automatic Hydraulic Surface Grinder HYDRAULIC

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Anderson Equipment for particle

Product Code : EL-EE-12178

Anderson Equipment for particle size measurement Anderson Equipment for particle size measurement This is

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Micro pipets variable volume 0-5 ml

Product Code : EL-EE-12179

Micro pipets (variable volume 0-5 ml) Pipette - We offer

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Step inputs Study Kit

Product Code : EL-EE-12180

Step inputs Study Kit The Inverter Trainer is a versatile training System for Laboratories.

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Cold storage trainer

Product Code : EL-EE-12181

Cold storage trainer This unit consists of a hermetically sealed compressor with air cooled condenser.

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Natural convection and Radiation apparatus

Product Code : EL-EE-12182

Natural convection and Radiation apparatus

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Natural convection and Radiation

Product Code : EL-EE-12183

Natural convection and Radiation apparatus The setup consists of a brass tube fitted in a rectangular duct in a vertical fashion.

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Multi heat exchanger

Product Code : EL-EE-12184

Multi heat exchanger Multi heat exchanger We are engaged in offering our

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PID level control trainer

Product Code : EL-EE-12185

PID level control trainer PID level control trainer stand-alone instrument,

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PID temperature control trainer

Product Code : EL-EE-12186

PID temperature control trainer Temperature control trainer is designed for understanding the basic

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Gas/Liquid Absorption

Product Code : EL-EE-12187

Gas/Liquid Absorption Gas/Liquid Absorption Column Gas/Liquid Absorption

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Pasteurization unit

Product Code : EL-EE-12188

Pasteurization unit Pasteurization unit Skid mounted, factory tested, Indirect

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Product Code : EL-EE-12189

CENTER LATHE Coolant system, steady rest and follow rest,

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