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Product Code : EL-LP-10987

Burette Burette is subsisting of leak proof stopcock fitted with a self lubricating PTFE plug and with a transparent acrylic body.

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Pipette Pump

Product Code : EL-LP-10988

Pipette Pump

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Connectors L Shaped

Product Code : EL-LP-10989

Connectors (L Shaped)

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Product Code : EL-LP-10990

Desiccators, SLEA desiccators are composed of polypropylene and polycarbonate.

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Atomic Model Set

Product Code : EL-LP-10991

Atomic Model Set Atomic Model Sets subsist of molded balls of different

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Crystal Model Set

Product Code : EL-LP-10992

Crystal Model Set

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Product Code : EL-LP-10993

Connectors These l shaped connectors also add to the range of

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MCT Twin Rack

Product Code : EL-LP-10994

MCT Twin Rack Micro centrifuge tubes.

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PCR Tube Rack

Product Code : EL-LP-10995

PCR Tube Rack This rack, as the name suggests, is used for keeping PCR tubes.

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MCT Boxes

Product Code : EL-LP-10996

MCT Boxes MCT Boxes are molded in polycarbonate and are therefore strong as well as autoclavable.

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Cryo Rack

Product Code : EL-LP-10997

Cryo Rack cryo rack is molded in polycarbonate making it tough, durable & autoclavable.

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Micro Test Plates

Product Code : EL-LP-10998

Micro Test Plates Micro test plates are composed of optically clear, non-toxic polystyrene.

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Petri Dishes Disposable

Product Code : EL-LP-10999

Petri Dishes (Disposable) Petri Dishes are Transparent

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Rack for Petri Dishes

Product Code : EL-LP-11000

Rack for Petri Dishes These racks are clear acrylic completed with polycarbonate posts.

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Universal Multi Rack

Product Code : EL-LP-11001

Universal Multi Rack This rack is an excellent lab apparatus reconcilable with different sizes of tubes.

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