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Transducer and Instrumentation Trainer Kit

Product Code : EL-ETK-13379

Transducer and Instrumentation Trainer Kit Features- On board Circuits block diagram, Different test and

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PC based transducer development board

Product Code : EL-ETK-13380

PC based transducer development board

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Product Code : EL-ETK-13381

SONAR/ ULTASONIC TRAINER Range: 6 inches to 15 inches Accuracy: 1 inch In built Power supply :5 volts DC

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Product Code : EL-ETK-13382

WATER FLOW TRAINER 1~12 L/min Flow rate range measurement Flow control provision

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Product Code : EL-ETK-13383

ACCELEROMETER TRAINER Onboard 3.3V Low Drop voltage regulator with input range of 3.6V to 6V.

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Product Code : EL-ETK-13384

PROXIMITY TRAINER KIT Platform to learn metal detecting facility using proximity metal detector

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Product Code : EL-ETK-13385

PRESSURE TAINER KIT On board pressure sensor kits , with 2 PSI fs, Output is ratio metric to the power supply

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Product Code : EL-ETK-13386

SOLAR TRAINER It consists of 2 high performance photovoltaic cell, with a typical power of 10Wp for a 12Vdc voltage. Environmental factors protection.

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Humidity trainer kit

Product Code : EL-ETK-13387

Humidity trainer kit Microcontroller based humidity control system

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Color Sensor Trainer

Product Code : EL-ETK-13388

Color Sensor Trainer RGB color sensor 8051 compatible

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Carbon Monoxide Sensor Trainer

Product Code : EL-ETK-13389

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Trainer

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Carbon Dioxide Trainer Kit

Product Code : EL-ETK-13390

Carbon Dioxide Trainer Kit Carbon dioxide sensor based Compliable

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Lvdt Trainer Kit

Product Code : EL-ETK-13391

Lvdt Trainer Kit AC-AC spring Loaded LVDT. PIC compatible.

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Touch Panel Trainer

Product Code : EL-ETK-13392

Touch Panel Trainer Touch sensor controller

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Dc Brushless Motor Trainer

Product Code : EL-ETK-13393

Dc Brushless Motor Trainer 24V/ 40W DC BLDC motor with Driver (24V DC/ 40W). Can be controlled internally by Motor driver.

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