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Steam Engine Model

Product Code : EL-LS-11689

Steam Engine Model

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Stirring Rod

Product Code : EL-LS-11690

Stirring Rod Made of glass these stirring rods are used to stir solutions made in chemistry labs

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Student Binoculars

Product Code : EL-LS-11691

Student Binoculars Student Binoculars are light weight viewing instruments to see far distant objects.

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Glass Syringe

Product Code : EL-LS-11692

Glass Syringe We carry the most comprehensible line of glass syringes with multifit interchangeability and are supplied with non-sterilization condition.

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T Tube Plastic Connector

Product Code : EL-LS-11693

T Tube Plastic Connector We are exporters and suppliers of chemistry plastic ware including T-tubes used as connectors in chemistry lab apparatuses.

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T.S Leaf Model

Product Code : EL-LS-11694

T.S Leaf Model Avail well labelled diagram of T S leaf at SLEA. We deal in extensive of range of models and charts used science labs.

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TDS Meter Bench Top

Product Code : EL-LS-11695

TDS Meter Bench Top TDS Meter We own a broad range of reliable and accurate TDS Meters.

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Telephone Trainer

Product Code : EL-LS-11696

Telephone Trainer

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Solar System Model

Product Code : EL-LS-11697

Solar System Model This tellurium model is designed to show the orbits of the earth and moon while earth rotates on its axis.

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Terrestrial Telescope

Product Code : EL-LS-11698

Terrestrial Telescope Terrestrial telescope model is crafted with an aim to showcase the principle of a terrestrial telescope.

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Test Tube Borosilicate Glass

Product Code : EL-LS-11699

Test Tube Borosilicate Glass We have a wide range of glass test tube in various capacities.

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Test Tube Brush

Product Code : EL-LS-11700

Test Tube Brush Test tube brushes are mainly used to clean the residue from the test tube surface to make them ready for other experiments.

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Test Tube Holder

Product Code : EL-LS-11701

Test Tube Holder We are also exporters and suppliers of test tube holders. This test tube holder is designed to

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Test Tube Holder Wire Type

Product Code : EL-LS-11702

Test Tube Holder Wire Type Catering to the requirements of our clients, we also provide wire type test tube holders.

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Test Tube Holder Wooden

Product Code : EL-LS-11703

Test Tube Holder Wooden These test t tubes are made up of wood and are well finished too.

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