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Chemical Light Stick

Product Code : EL-CS-10387

Chemical light sticks don’t create heat or sparks when lit and are completely waterproof. Each is 15cm long. Comes in red, green, blue, orange, yellow and pink.

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Slime Making Kit

Product Code : EL-CS-10388

Take the guesswork out of making perfect slime. Each kit contains: 3 x Stirrers 1 x tube of Glitter 1 x tube of Colored Ink

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Slime 105gm

Product Code : EL-CS-10389

Ready-made slime. Comes in 105gm tube in assorted colors. Size 6 x 8 x 6 cm

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UV Attack Pack

Product Code : EL-CS-10390

Includes: 1 x UV Filter set 1 x Portable UV lamp

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Ferro Fluid 50mL

Product Code : EL-CS-10391

Ferro Fluid is a colloidal suspension of Nano scale magnetic particles in a liquid carrier. Ferro Fluid is a novel application of Nano technology

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Sensory Water Beads 10g

Product Code : EL-CS-10392

Colored beads that expand in water. Comes in 10g pack of assorted colors and sizes.

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Hand Boiler

Product Code : EL-CS-10393

Glass hand boiler demonstrates Charles' Law Item contains ethyl alcohol and is flammable, to be used under strict adult supervision.

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Galileo Thermometer

Product Code : EL-CS-10394

Contains 10 colorful, carefully weighted balls of hand-blown glass.

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Thermometer Immersion 305 mm 10 to 300C 1.0C

Product Code : EL-CS-10395

Thermometer, immersion, 305 mm, LO-tux -10 to 300C 1.0C The quality and legibility make these an ideal substitute for mercury thermometers.

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Crystal Growing Kit

Product Code : EL-CS-10396

Crystals in nature can take thousands of years to grow, but you can create crystals in hours or just a few days with this

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Sun Print Paper

Product Code : EL-CS-10397

This unique light sensitive paper exposes in direct sunlight. Exposure time is approximately 2 to 3 min.

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UV Outside Detector

Product Code : EL-CS-10398

This detector contains two UV detecting beads inside a clear plastic bottle.

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Magic Garden

Product Code : EL-CS-10399

A magic garden with trees, mountains and grass. After two hours the buds will start to form and in just 10 hours its fully grown

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Boiling Point Thermometer Set Of 10

Product Code : EL-CS-10400

These durable, non-toxic thermometers measure from -30C to 120C and from -22F to 240F. Use them for measuring the boiling points of various liquids.

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Snow Magic 100g

Product Code : EL-CS-10401

A super absorbent polymer that soaks water and 'grows' before your eyes.

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