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While testing, it is necessary to always measure all quality attributes, aspects, methods, components, density, modulus , strength, all properties testing of the plastic etc. Relying on the obtained results, it is possible to predict the behavior of the system in the future and the way further tests should be conducted to bring the best results. SLEA offers the Plastic Testing Equipment Advanced range for the all valuable users with Great Efficiency. Plastic Testing Equipment Manufacturers, Plastic Testing Equipment Suppliers, Plastic Testing Equipment Exporters in India, Plastic Testing Equipment Manufacturers in India.

Melt Flow Index

Product Code : EL-PTE-13195

Melt Flow Index Melt Flow Index Apparatus for plastic measures the melt flow index of plastic material.

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Limited Oxygen Index

Product Code : EL-PTE-13196

Limited Oxygen Index Oxygen Index Apparatus consists of a test chimney made of borosilicate glass suppurated by the metallic base and hook with the help of the metallic pillar.

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Smoke Density Tester

Product Code : EL-PTE-13197

Smoke Density Tester Smoke Density Chamber is constructed using 14 gage aluminum box, which is hinged a heat resistant glass

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Apparatus for Temperature Of Deflection

Product Code : EL-PTE-13198

Apparatus for Temperature Of Deflection Under Load Used in plastic and cable industries, Apparatus for

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Toxicity Chamber

Product Code : EL-PTE-13199

Toxicity Chamber Toxicity Chamber consists of an airtight enclosure of about 0.7m³ volume

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Smoke Visibility Tester

Product Code : EL-PTE-13200

Smoke Visibility Tester Smoke Visibility Tester made of a plywood chamber inner

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Vicat Softening Point Apparatus

Product Code : EL-PTE-13201

Vicat Softening Point Apparatus Vicat Softening Point Apparatus - Vicat softening

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Heat Deflection Temperature Tester

Product Code : EL-PTE-13202

Heat Deflection Temperature Tester Heat Deflection Temperature Tester -The Heat Deflection

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Gelbo Flex Tester

Product Code : EL-PTE-13203

Gelbo Flex Tester Gelbo Flex Tester - Gelbo Flex Tester is used for

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Flammability Tester Verticals Burning Test

Product Code : EL-PTE-13204

Flammability Tester, Verticals Burning Test

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Flammability Tester Horizontal Burning Test

Product Code : EL-PTE-13205

Flammability Tester (Horizontal Burning Test) Flammability Tester (Horizontal Burning Test) - The method for classification of plastic sheets or bar materials

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Dart Impact Tester

Product Code : EL-PTE-13206

Dart Impact Tester Dart Impact Tester -Impact resistance or impact failure

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Bottle Compression Tester

Product Code : EL-PTE-13207

Bottle Compression Tester Bottle Compression Tester - We offer good quality Bottle

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