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Animal Cell Model

Product Code : EL-SI-11504

Animal Cell Model The animal cell model shows intricate structure of an animal cell.

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Human Antagonistic Muscle Model

Product Code : EL-SI-11505

Human Antagonistic Muscle Model Human Antagonistic Muscle Model shows the structure of muscles and their location. Our models form great

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Capillary Tube Stand

Product Code : EL-SI-11506

Capillary Tube Stand We provide premium quality ESR tube stands to our clients manufactured using sheet metal and finished in white enamel.

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Human DNA Model

Product Code : EL-SI-11507

Human DNA Model Our human DNA model decodes the structure of DNA

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Dropping Bottle

Product Code : EL-SI-11508

Dropping Bottle Dropping bottles are made from good quality hard glass is used to transfer small amount of liquids probably

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Dry Block Incubator

Product Code : EL-SI-11509

Dry Block Incubator We also carry a wide range of Dry Block Incubators suited various heating applications in chemical labs

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Earth Layers Model

Product Code : EL-SI-11510

Earth Layers Model Earth layers models are manufactured from high quality raw materials.

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Electric Heater

Product Code : EL-SI-11511

Electric Heater We also carry a superior range of electric heaters widely used in laboratories for heating purposes.

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Flask Tong

Product Code : EL-SI-11512

Flask Tong Avail superior quality flask tongs used to hold flasks while

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Free Fall Apparatus

Product Code : EL-SI-11513

Free Fall Apparatus We also deal in free fall apparatus which is used to determine G by measuring the time of fall of a steel ball through a pre- determined distance.

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Hand Centrifuge Machine

Product Code : EL-SI-11514

Hand Centrifuge Machine We are one of the leading

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Intestinal Villus Model

Product Code : EL-SI-11515

Intestinal Villus Model The Intestinal Villus model explains the structure of villus which is small, finger-like projections that extend into the lumen of the small intestine.

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Joule Colorimeter Wooden

Product Code : EL-SI-11516

Joule Colorimeter Wooden We are prominent manufacturers and exporters of Joules

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Human Knee Joint Model

Product Code : EL-SI-11517

Human Knee Joint Model Human knee joint demonstrates the structure of knee. The ball and socket joint that helps in the movement of knee is represented in the model.

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Laser Light

Product Code : EL-SI-11518

Laser Light Portable laser light is the most economical and high

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