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School Lab Equipment Ambala, Earth and Space Sciences seeks to further our understanding of the Earth, the solar system, and their histories. The scope extends from the center of Earth to the rim of the solar system, and activities cut across traditional disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and mathematics. Earth and space sciences manufacturing, Earth and space sciences exporting, Earth and space sciences suppliers in India.

Barometer Circular

Product Code : EL-EASS-10407

This classical look unit is 125mm dia. and features an outer circular bezel to resemble brass. (It is actually anodized aluminum.)

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Motorized solar system

Product Code : EL-EASS-10409

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Cloud Bottle

Product Code : EL-EASS-10410

Making a cloud with this apparatus is easy. Remove the top and put a few drops of water inside the bottle.

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Soil Profile Kit

Product Code : EL-EASS-10411

Get your hands dirty and exhibit natural soil layers of the Earth with this Soil Profile Kit. Soil Profile Kit includes two, 15.2cm x 2.5cm clear plastic tubes with caps

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Psychrometer Kit Set Of 15

Product Code : EL-EASS-10412

Measure relative humidity with this sling psychrometer.

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Weather station Digital With Display

Product Code : EL-EASS-10413

The wireless 5-in-1 sensor contains a self-emptying rain collector for measuring rainfall, anemometer, wind vane, temperature and humidity sensors.

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Coriolis Effect Kit

Product Code : EL-EASS-10415

IMPORTANT CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS - READ THIS FIRST During shipping and through use, the contact surface on the Coriolis Effect platform can lose sensitivity. When this happens, it is possible to increase contrast by cleaning the surface with a simple c

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Sun tracker

Product Code : EL-EASS-10416

With this fascinating sky dome, students can plot the position of the sun for any given time and date.

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Astrolabe Kit

Product Code : EL-EASS-10417

Measurements of slope, strike and dip of geologic features can also be taken.

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Celestial Star Globe

Product Code : EL-EASS-10418

Both globes can be set to reflect constellation positions according to time and place to show the actual positions of the stars.

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Changes In The Sky Kit

Product Code : EL-EASS-10419

Explain the many changes that occur in the sky with this comprehensive kit.

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Volcano making kit

Product Code : EL-EASS-10421

Engage students with this volcano kit. Add vinegar & baking powder & watch the volcano erupt

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Cloud Detective

Product Code : EL-EASS-10422

Observe the sky and identify various cloud types with the simple device.

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Chart Our Solar System 69 x 98cm

Product Code : EL-EASS-10423

Full color renderings of the nine planets and sun of our solar system. Laminated.

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Sand Scape

Product Code : EL-EASS-10424

Demonstrating inertia, friction and flow patterns, this unique yet simple apparatus illustrates the movement of sand, sediments and fluids. Important in studies of

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