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Diagnostic Sets

Product Code : EL-DI-12887

Diagnostic Sets Offered Diagnostic Sets supplied complete with:

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Clark Head Light

Product Code : EL-DI-12888

Clark Head Light We offer Clark Head Light made from super quality

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Head Mirror With Clark Band

Product Code : EL-DI-12889

Head Mirror With Clark Band The offered Head Mirror With Clark Band is suitable for

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Head Mirror

Product Code : EL-DI-12890

Head Mirror The offered Head Mirror is used by Doctors, Medical Researchers & Surgeons etc.

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Head Light

Product Code : EL-DI-12891

Head Light Head Light manufactured by us, are durable & light in weight.

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Percussion Hammer Neurological

Product Code : EL-DI-12892

Percussion Hammer Neurological The offered Percussion Hammer Neurological comprises quality & efficient performance.

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Cardio Stethoscope

Product Code : EL-DI-12893

Cardio Stethoscope Cardio Stethoscope we offer are known for best features & performance.

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Percussion Hammer Taylor

Product Code : EL-DI-12894

Percussion Hammer Taylor The offered Percussion Hammer Taylor comprises quality & efficient performance.

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Percussion Hammer Nylon Handle

Product Code : EL-DI-12895

Percussion Hammer Nylon Handle

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Cardio Micro Stethoscope

Product Code : EL-DI-12896

Cardio Micro Stethoscope SLEA are expertise in manufacturing, supplying &

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Cardiology Stethoscope

Product Code : EL-DI-12897

Cardiology Stethoscope Using latest techniques & with the teamwork of skilled

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Economy Stethoscope

Product Code : EL-DI-12898

Economy Stethoscope Economy model Stethoscope

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Emerald Stethoscope

Product Code : EL-DI-12899

Emerald Stethoscope Ergonomically designed & light weighted.

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Micro Stethoscope

Product Code : EL-DI-12900

Micro Stethoscope Well designed.

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Nurse Stethoscope

Product Code : EL-DI-12901

Nurse Stethoscope Well designed. Accurate performance.

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